Rental Space

Banko no Sato Hall offers rental space with reasonable price. For small gatherings, meetings, lessons, shows and conventions.

UNITS:<Morning>9:00-12:30 <Afternoon>13:00-16:30 <Night Time>17:00-21:00

**Tax is not included in the prices.          
**The prices will be doubled for commercial use.     

3F Multipurpose Hall

The hall is the largest in our rental space. It has a stage, sound equipment, and a screen. Ideal for conferences, shows, and orientations.
**No projector. Please bring your own.

・Capacity:up to 150 people
・Price:1 Unit 10,000 yen
     2 Units 20,000 yen
     3 Units 25,000 yen

3F Seminar Room

The seminar room is convenient for interviews and meetings. It has a whiteboard and a screen.
**No projector. Please bring your own.

・Capacity:up to 35 people
・Price:1 Unit  4,000 yen
     2 Units 8,000 yen
     3 Units 10,000 yen

3F Meeting Room

This meeting room comes handy for friends gathering, lessons with small number of students.

・Capacity:Up to 10 people
・Price:1 Unit 2,000 yen
     2 Units 4,000 yen
     3 Units 5,000 yen

2F Seminar Room

This renovated seminar room is convenient for demonstrating sales and cooking lessons as well as seminars and meetings. It has a whiteboard and a water tap. Kitchen equipment (ovens, gas stoves, cooking tools and Banko-ware dishes)is available with extra fee. Please contact for the detail.

・Capacity:up to 30 people
・Price:1 Unit 3,000 yen
     2 Units 6,000 yen
     3 Units 8,000 yen

*Reserving a Rental Space*

 ・Reservation is available from the first day of the month prior to 6 month from the desired date.
 ・Rental Spaces are closed for Mondays, summer holidays and the New Years Holidays.
 ・Please contact us from the contact us page for more details.

・The prices will be doubled for a commercial usage including sales, trade shows, and any seminars or recitals with fees.
<Using the Rental Spaces>
 ・Please contact our staff before the use.
 ・Please put back everything in the room to the way it was.
 ・Please take all the trashes with you.

<Cancelling a Reservation>
 A cancellation fee will be charged as below;

 ・2 weeks before the reserved date : No Fees
 ・13 days to 1 week before the reserved date: charge of 30% (+ tax)
 ・6 to 2 days before the reserved date: charge of 50% (+ tax)
 ・A day before the reserved date or No Shows: charge of 100%(+ tax)

 We may have to cancel your reservation with the conditions below;
 1.When a false purpose of usage was reported.
 2.When the users are not following instruction of our staffs.
 3.When a natural disaster occurs
 4.When a rental room needs a renovation or any other construction.