Banko Shrine

Locating across from Banko no Sato Center, Banko Shrine enshrines deities of fire and earth. It is also dedicated to Master Rozan Nunami and other Banko predecessors.

Deities Enshrined

◆Deities of Earth:
埴安彦神(Haniyasuhiko no Kami)
埴安姫神(Haniyasuhime no Kami)
(Blessings: abundant harvest, success in art, health in mind, power, prevention of senility)

◆Deity of Fire:
火産霊神(Homusubi no Kami)
(Blessings: cure for illness, health, good relationships, protection from misfortunes)

Banko Predecessors

Rozan Nunami
Yusetsu Mori
Chuzaemon Yamanaka
Other Banko forerunners
(Blessings: prosperity, path-making, strong relationships)

※”Goshuin”, the stamp for worshippers, is available at the shop in Banko no sato Center.