We hold fun events throughout the year. Please contact us for more detailed information.

 We may have to cancel some of the events scheduled in 2021 due to Covid-19 Pandemic. Please contact us for the latest schedule.

January: ”Dondo-yaki” Firing @ Banko Shrine

February: The 3rd Contest for the “Gotochi Yokkaichi Nabe”

 It is the 3rd contest for “Gotochi Yokkaichi Nabe”, electing a new local special hot-pot of Yokkaichi, where produces the largest number of “Donabe (earthen pots)” in Japan. Enjoy delicious hot-pots and vote for the best! The final contest will be held in 2023.

March: Banko no Sato Festa

 Banko no Sato Festa is the 2nd largest events at Banko no Sato Center. Cooking and Pottery workshops and demonstrations are held. Banko Ceramic “Hina-Ningyou” doll made by local children are also displayed.

April: Banko Ceramic Competition

May:  Banko Festival

  The largest ceramic festival in Mie held on the 2nd weekend in May.
Shops of manufacturers and wholesalers will be stretch out on roads. There are also some workshops and stage events.

July: Kid’s Pottery Contest **Only for elementary school children in Yokkaichi

October: “Donabe-Kuyo” Ceremony

Other than events above, we also have seasonal exhibitions and workshops to get familiar with Banko ware.