Pottery Studio

Join Our Workshops and Lessons!

Our Pottery Studio offers pottery-making and painting workshops for tourists and beginners, and regular pottery classes for those who really would like to dive deep into pottery.
Our friendly instructors will assist you to create your only-one pottery in the world. Let’s get into the muddy world of clay with us.

For booking and inquiry, please contact us from the contact form.


**All workshops require reservation. Please make your reservation early.
・It takes approximately 1 month or 2 for your works to be ready for pick up.
 (The works also can be shipped with extra shipping fees.)
・Schedule : AM / 9:30-12:00 PM / 13:30-16:00
・◎:For 1 person~ / 〇:For group of 10+


Pottery Making Workshop

  ・Fee : 3,500yen per person (including glazing and firing)
  ・Time : approx. 2 hours

Painting Workship

  ・Fees : cups, plates      1,500yen~
      donabe(earthen pots) 3,000yen~
      Kayaributa(mosquito repellent coil holders) 2,500yen~
      curving Japanese tea cups 2,000yen~
   ・Time : 90 min.

Regular Pottery Classes

 ・Entrance Fee : 6,000yen
 ・Monthly Fees : 4 lessons/month—8,000yen
      3 lessons/month—7,000yen
      2 lessons/month—6,000yen
      1 lessons/month—3,500yen

 **Students also need to purchase Clay Tickets(includes glazing and firing).


 **RPC=Regular Pottery Class
**AM:9:00-12:00 / PM:13:00-16:00 / Night Time:18:00-21:00

Works from Regular Pottery Classes